Our Goal We created SortExpress in 2017, when we were looking for a better way to make marketing decisions. We saw that many businesses were struggling to generate leads. They were wasting money on low-quality leads and missing out on potential customers.
 That's why we developed SortExpress, a platform that helps you optimize your lead generation and conversion process. SortExpress enables you to shuffle random landing pages and learn what pages are best to present to a new user before they enter your site. It uses previous user conversions to do so. It also helps you attract and segment qualified leads, and nurture them with personalized content and offers. With SortExpress, you can test and analyze your landing pages, improve their performance, and boost your return on investment. We believe that artificial intelligence is the key to building a solid solution, and we want to help every business achieve that goal. Join us today and see how SortExpress can transform your marketing strategy.